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At the Bradford Brinton Memorial in Sheridan


Bill Sniffin

Bill with kids from Buffalo who distributed his brochures in the Johnson County Fair Parade.

Bill visting a coal mine

Eli Bebout wanted Wyoming to be USA's Nuclear Waste dump

MOST of the nuclear waste in America could be coming to Wyoming if Bebout's 1990s plan had worked out

If Republican Governor Candidate Eli Bebout had had his way, Wyoming would be one of the major nuclear waste dumps in the country today. Back in the early 1990s, Bebout was on the Board of Directors of a company poised to make millions selling-out Wyoming to the nuclear waste industry.

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You can help Bill in your town; yard signs are available, too

Voters across Wyoming have responded in a positive way to Bill Sniffin's campaign. If you would like to help, call (800) 656-8762, ext. 15 or email or fax to (307) 332-2211 or mail to Bill Sniffin for Governor, Box 900, Lander, WY 82520.

Yard signs are available and we would love to make some available to you and your friends. You can also put them on buildings, in store windows and in public locations. Contact our committee and we will tell you how we can get you a sign ASAP.

Bill will be getting all around the state in the next three weeks. If you want to be involved in a public event with Bill, call the campaign

Bill and Nancy Sniffin are proud to called 'pro life' - they work hard for more adoptions in Wyoming

Of all the candidates running for governor, no one has the credentials that Bill Sniffin brings to the office when it come to being pro life. He and his wife Nancy believe it as a philosophy but also practice in their lives.

They are both board members of the Wyoming Catholic Social services, which is probably the largest adoption agency in the state. "We saw more than 31 families become whole in 2001," Bill says. "Life is a beautiful choice."

Choice Gas fiasco shows flaws in Wyoming's energy pricing
When traveling around the state, it is possible to hear more groans and moans about the recent Choice Gas program than just about anything else. There are some serious flaws with our state economy when it comes to energy prices paid by our citizens and this program just points it out once again.

Wyoming is the energy breadbasket of the Western Hemisphere. We have more BTUs here than anywhere else, we are told. What I am being told by our citizens is simply this: "If we live in the energy breadbasket of America, why do we pay such high prices for energy?"
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Bill Sniffin urges collection
of mineral taxes

The 'bottom line' in
Wyoming governor's race

By Tom Stroock, Casper

Media Release May 31, 2002
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